Condensation on the Glass and Window Frames? The only solution to it is Double Glazing your house

Does your house suffer from condensation on the glass and window frames in Winter when you turn the heater on? The culprit is single-paned aluminium windows. When there is differential temperature between the indoor and outdoor as you turn on the heaters on a chilly Winter morning in Perth, all it does is create a temperature differential between the indoors and outdoor where the weak bridge is the single pane aluminium windows which get condensation.

Why Does My Double Glazing Get Condensation On the Inside?

Double glazing in Perth with UPVC double glazed windows will alleviate this problem for 2 reasons, firstly the double glazed glass doesn’t allow condensation to form due to the air gap between the panes of glass, and secondly the upvc framing which acts as a thermal break insulator unlike the aluminium metal frames which are prone to condensation.

Upvc double glazed windows in Perth provide the best insulative u Values which will alleviate this condensation problem. Condensation promotes mold growth which is very hazardous to human health. It is also a myth that double glazing perth is not required as we have mild winters, the effect of global warming is evident with Perth recording the chilliest of winters this season and its only to get worse and not better over time. So its time to break the myth that double glazing In perth is not required, as it’s a no brainer to say its time to start investing into better performing windows for our homes so our future generations can stay healthy and comfortable in their homes rather than glorified tents. Double glazing will alleviate a lot of problems at once which include insulating the house much better, reduce use on the ever rising energy cost, doing your bit for the planet to reduce the carbon footprint, a much quieter home and a home which is healthy and free of mold due to condensation. So what are we waiting for, the time is now or never, let us together break the traditional shackles and myths and start investing on better windows for our homes.

The main areas where you get condensation in double glazing are:

Open unshaded areas with large expanses of single glazed windows are prone to condensation, whilst metropolitan Perth region is very prone to condensation on windows, for regional WA and the South West region it is almost certainly always going to be present, this is due to more temperature differential in these areas with metal frame windows which are totally non insulative and single pane glass being the main culprit. The best way to resolve this is install and retrofit new upvc double glazed windows which act as a perfectly insulative barriers which will prevent any sort of condensation.

How to prevent and deal with condensation in double glazing

Since we know that retrofitting new upvc double glazed windows will certainly prevent the condensation problem, it is also due to the fact that newly fitted retrofit upvc double glazed windows will also be installed and sealed to the best of industry practice around the perimeter which also alleviates any sort of air infiltration around the perimeters, giving you the perfect window that you could possibly have

Do double glazed windows stop condensation?

Yes most certainly they do, this is due to the amazing U values that upvc double glazed windows provide. Both the frame and glazing act as insulators and there is no thermal bridging available for condensation to set in. If you are double glazing with aluminium frames there is still a thermal bridge where the frame will attract condensation and with the frame being closest to the proximity of the internal walls, mold growth is very likely, therefore it is best to use an insulative framing like uPVC

Should you repair? or Or should you replace?

Repair cost of existing windows and doors is totally unwarrantable, because you will already be spending money to repair a very tired and poorly sealed single glazed aluminium window which probably has had its time and is asking for a replacement anyway. IT would make sense to upgrade and retrofit and entirely new uPVC double glazed window which will be superiorly sealed and a window o r door element that would stay good for the next 20 years so you can reap the energy saving and comfort benefits of the new window. So next time your existing window is requiring new rollers or hardware or a broken glass needs replacement, go a step further and spend it right the first to get the affected window replaced. The rest of the windows in the house can be replaced over time as your budget would allow.

If you’re curious to know how much double glazing costs Perth then our guide – Double glazed windows cost and Price Guide in Perth has all the answers for you.

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The Science Behind Double Glazed Windows That Make Your Home More Enjoyable In The Summer

Summers are a great time to relax and unwind. It brings outdoor barbeques, pool parties and family time with it. However, it also brings unbearable heat with itself, which can become problematic. Fortunately, there are solutions to help you with the summery heat.

Double glazed glass helps you protect your family from ultra harsh UV rays, noisy neighbours and even theft. Wondering how? Read on to learn how double glazed glass products in Perth can make your home a safer space.

The Science Behind Double Glazing

A double glazed window or door is made up of 5 key components. Here’s a brief overview of how they work together.

1. The Frame

Over the years, the market has had various materials for Window frames like wood, aluminium or fibreglass. However, today uPVC is the preferred choice of material for frames. Your frame is what gives your Windows or doors their strength

2. The Glass

Double glazed glass has two panes of glass with an insulating gas filled between them. This gives it the unique abilities and benefits it’s well-known and loved for. These glasses can have special coatings like self-cleaning or solar control.

3. The Gas

An insulating gas is filled between the two panes of glass, making the double glazed unit stronger and sound absolving. It also makes the windows more energy efficient.

4. The Spacer And Desiccant

To keep the two panes of glass precisely at the perfect distance (Usually 4 to 20mm), a spacer is used. This spacer also uses silica pellets to ensure humidity stays away and your glass stays in pristine condition.

5. The Seals

The seals are what keep your double glazed glass condensations, moss and fungus free. This seal ensures no external particulates get in and the gas that’s filled inside isn’t let out.

Now that you know the core components behind your double glazed windows and doors. Let’s take a look at how double glazed windows and doors can keep you safe and protected from Perth’s melting heat during the summers.

If you’re curious to know how much double glazing costs Perth then our guide – Double glazed windows cost and Price Guide in Perth has all the answers for you.

How Double Glazed Glass Make Summers More Enjoyable

1. Filters Out Harmful UV Rays

There are varying amounts of harmful ultraviolet rays in sunshine throughout the year, but they are at their highest during the summer. UV radiation from the sun can cause eye damage, premature skin ageing, weakened immunity and fading of furniture or carpets, even when it is filtered through a single pane of glass.

The use of double glazed windows can help you enjoy summer more by filtering out at least 50% of the UV rays in sunlight. By reducing UV radiation in your home, you and your loved ones can enjoy better health as well as a longer life for your furniture and carpets.


2. Makes Your Home More Secure

Summer is a high-crime season in Perth due to houses sitting empty while their owners are away, as well as having longer daylight hours. However, you can feel at ease knowing your home is safer when double glazed windows are installed.

There are two panes of toughened glass and internal beading in double-glazed windows, making them nearly impossible to break through. The frames are also made of uPVC, and Welded uPVC frames are resistant to break-in attempts because uPVC is a strong material and acts as an additional layer of security.

Our Double glazed windows, door and uPVC frames are also built to last for years because they resist humidity, corrosion, and warping.

3. Keeps Your Home Cooler

Did you know an average AC unit runs for about 8 hours a day and uses anywhere between 22 and 45 kWh of electricity?

By installing double-glazed windows in your Perth-based property, you will reduce heat loss from home, and the air conditioner will operate for fewer hours each day, lowering your monthly electricity bill.

Double glazed windows keep heat from entering your home on hot days, so your house stays cooler in summer. This is ideal in the warm Perth Summers.

4. Reduced Noise

Summer of Perth brings with it the sweet cacophony of children playing, dogs barking and guests coming over for a nice barbeque. This can get noisy, especially if you live in a neighbourhood of Perth with many single-family homes.

Double glazed windows and doors keep away a lot of this noise as they block sound waves. Double glazing can reduce noise in your home by up to 80% since it has two insulating panes of glass.

Get the peace and quiet you deserve by installing double glazed glass windows and doors in

When Are You Getting Double Glazing Windows For Your House In Perth?

There are so many features and benefits Double glazing in Perth that the additional marginal investment into double glazed windows is completely justified. Especially during the harsh summers of Perth. At Canon, we offer the highest quality glass panels and double glazed windows in Perth that keep your house cool in the summers and warm in the winters.

Reach out to us to understand how we can retrofit your house with double glazed uPVC windows and doors today!

Feel free to Contact us if you are looking for best double glazing price and looking for the best quality double glazed windows and doors at the best prices, look no further than canon Double Glazing.

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Double Glazing: How It Works and What UPVC Windows Can Do

Today’s homeowners are aware of their carbon footprint and the impact of their energy usage.  A number of factors contribute to making your environment cleaner and healthier, including the use of energy-efficient Canon Double glazing windows and doors to save electricity and reduce carbon footprints.

Did you know? Building fixtures now contribute towards environmental savings. Interested in finding out how? There is a simple solution – double glazed windows and doors. Double glazing in Perth can help you save energy costs and have a positive impact on the environment.

In this guide, let’s take a look at how double glazing in Perth works, how much does double glazing cost, and why you should choose Canon Double glazing for your next project

What is Double Glazing?

Double glazing is the process of insulating two panes of glass with the help of a chemical medium like Argon. A double glazed window comprises two panes of glass that are sealed shut after filling the gap between them with materials to conserve energy.

Imagine a double glazed window to be like a sandwich of glass panes with a filling of insulating gases. A finished double glazed unit of glass is also known as an insulated glass unit (IGU)

Double glazing in Perth has various benefits. A double glazed window or door helps retain heat while stopping cold external air from entering your house. It also enables you to keep the cool air-conditioned air inside to keep your rooms chilled for longer.


How Double Glazing Works? The Science Behind Double Glazed Windows in Perth

In double-glazing, an air gap filled with gasses acts as insulation against heat transfer between various temperature zones (inside and outside). The Two panes of glass are assembled as a single unit separated by a spacer bar which is filled with insulating gasses to slow down the thermal transfer. Since air cannot circulate between the two panes, air convection is reduced, and heat transfer is slowed down.


3 Ways A Double Glazing Window In Perth Can Help You House
  1. Ensures that heat is not lost through the windows.
  2. Maintains a draught-free environment around the window and frame.
  3. Acts as an insulator similar to how cavity wall insulation does.
What Are uPVC Windows

uPVC stands for Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride, which is a type of plastic. It is a reliable and durable building material often used to make window frames and door frames. One of the characteristics of uPVC frames is that they have a steel core which makes them exceptionally strong. uPVC frames are a new substitute for painted wood or aluminum frames and are much cheaper when compared to them.

How UPVC Windows Make Double Glazing In Perth Better

1. Most Affordable And Durable Material For Double Glazing In Perth

A major advantage of uPVC over other window frame materials is that it is the least expensive. Timber, aluminium, and composite windows offer various other benefits over uPVC, but they can’t come close to the affordability offered by uPVC.

uPVC double glazed windows cost next to nothing when compared with traditional window types. Oftentimes, retrofitting your existing windows with double glazing costs more than buying new uPVC windows with double glazing glass.

2. uPVC Windows In Perth Are Simple To Maintain

You can rest assured knowing that you won’t have to worry about maintaining uPVC windows purchased from Canon double glazing in Perth as uPVC windows are maintenance-free.

The frames made of wood or aluminium definitely look great, but they require a lot of maintenance and upkeep. uPVC, being made of non-corrosive material, requires little maintenance and care.

3. uPVC Windows And Doors Provide A Higher Level Of Security

Window and door frames made out of uPVC are strong and resilient by nature, thus providing you with the additional security you need to safeguard your home. Metal is embedded in the core of the frame, which makes breaking through a uPVC double glazed frame in Perth extremely difficult.

Double glazed glass is extra durable as well, and when a uPVC frame and a double glazed glass are used to make a door or window, it becomes practically impossible to infiltrate a property.

4. uPVC Offers A Variety Of Styles And Colours

uPVC windows in Perth come in various styles and colours. However, many people are not aware of this fact. One of the reasons for many people’s aversion to uPVC is its white plastic appearance.

If you don’t want your window frames to look like plastic, you can select from many different styles and colors. There’s even the option to choose a traditional hardwood finish or wood grain finish.

Fancy, designer double glazed windows cost are comparable to the cost of a regular white uPVC window, and when compared to traditional materials, uPVC windows and doors in Perth purchased from Canon double glazing can come out to be cheaper in the long run.

Feel free to Contact us if you are looking for best double glazing price and looking for the best quality double glazed windows and doors at the best prices, look no further than canon Double Glazing.

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10 Crucial Questions To Ask Your Double Glazing Installer In Perth

What is Double Glazing?

Double glazing is a dual panel Glazed system which offers excellent thermal and acoustic benefits. When it comes to replacing your tired, old and draughty single glazed aluminium windows, do no make a mistake of choosing any inferior window system as a replacement, as you probably will not get a second shot at it. uPVC frames will give you the best thermal and acoustic performance and should be a natural choice for Double glazing Perth.

What are Double Glazed Windows?

Double Glazed windows come in a range of different styles and colours, uPVC framing offers a mix of commercial and heritage look with its wider framed profiles. Double glazed windows Perth can offer Tilt and turn windows, awning windows, casement windows, sliding windows and stacker windows as some of the range available to choose for your next renovation or new build

What are Double Glazed Doors?

Double glazed doors Perth range from Sliding doors, Stacker doors, French doors, to Inward and Outward single lite doors. Bespoke designs can be achieved with upto 7m wide stacker doors and are a natural choice when a balance of elegance and energy efficiency is needed.

10 Questions You must ask when installing your Double glazed Windows

1) What is the best double glazed system and U value available for my next project?

The answer is simple, especially for your replacement windows you want to choose a system which has the lowest U value, therefore to answer this question appropriately no system would beat the U values achievable from uPVC frames which can achieve U values as low as 1.1, that too when comparing costs vs benefit ratio would come out superior than any other window system

2) Are your windows Manufactured locally?

This is quite an important consideration, as the lead time and after sales service and the reliability to adhere to the warranties are affected by this. It would be very easy for a sales comp[any to import the windows from overseas and onsell them onto you, however any mistakes or damage to the window can cost valuable time to your project, which in turn alleviates the cost savings you may have had from cheaper imported systems

3) What is the Leadtime from order?

All locally manufactured systems are produced between 4-6 weeks as a leadtime, whereas an imported product can take anywhere from 16 to 30 weeks. With shipping times and costs greatly affected by the Pandemic you may have to wait a far greater time for imported products.


4) Does the company have a showroom?

It is important that you look and have a feel for a product that you will be living for the next 10 years and more. Always ask this question and if it is a locally manufactured product you may be lucky enough that the company can give you a guided tour of their factory where you can see the products being manufactured in flesh and blood

5) Does the company use subcontractors for the Install of the windows?

This often determines the overall quality of installation, as if the company use subcontractors, the work would tend to be pushed at a faster rate ignoring finishing touches and thus the overall quality of the install of the beautiful new windows. Always tend to go for companies who employ installers as they would tend to take pride in the work they carry out

6) Does the company have any accreditations?

In Australia the Window is governed by a single body AGWA( Australian Glass and Window Association ) . Members affiliated with AGWA only produce accredited and tested products which have a requirement for yearly audits. Do ask your window supplier if they are a member of AGWA before signing up, as his will ensure you have a complaint product

7) Does the company have an Environmental policy?

This is an important question when purchasing a product which itself is rated as Green Product. Recycling of the uPVC offcut frames rather than them going into the landfill will make your new window project even more fulfilling, when you know you have dealt with a company who has done its bit for the environment, and would mean that you have directly contributed

8) How much experience does the company have?

Always ask when the company was established. Any company that has been in business for over 5 years are stable and do know what they are doing. Some Younger companies may be inexperienced or unreliable as it must be understood that window and door manufacturing is a complex trade and takes a long time to establish and is an ever evolving trade where the learning is always continuous and not exhaustive



9) What do the Customers think of you and their genuine reviews?

A good company will always have genuine reviews. The total number of reviews may not be relevant. Sales driven companies tend to have numerous and repetitive reviews many of which can be untrue, paid, or from relatives and friends. Comparatively genuine reviews will always be project specific and a much detailed experience and many a times totally voluntary and unforced by the company. It is easy to read and comprehend a genuine review

10) How much does it cost and what are the Warranties?

This is when comparing apples to apples is important. These two questions should finally seal the deal for you. If when comparing, both products are the equivalent with identical warranties and you find there is a big difference in price, the tendency is always to think that the cheaper one may be more inferior. However you should understand that some sales driven companies, using imported frames, with over 6-7 showrooms and sales people will have to inflate the price of their product to cover for these costs, thus you end up paying a much higher price for the same product

Feel free to Contact us if you are looking for best double glazing price and looking for the best quality double glazed windows and doors at the best prices, look no further than canon Double Glazing.

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Features and Benefits of Double Glazing Awning windows

What are double glazed awning windows?


Double glazed Awning windows can come in different frame materials like aluminium, timber or uPVC. We specialize in manufacturing Double glazed windows Perth with uPVC frames. Being the only UPVC profile extruder in the country who also manufacture and fabricate our own window systems locally we are often asked what is the best window assembly. Window designs are entirely region related, for example in Europe Tilt and turn windows are a standard normal whereas in the UK it is awning windows. Whilst double glazing Perth is a relatively new market, we generally feel for Australian designed houses awning windows tend to work the best.

The key difference between and aluminium single glazed awning window and a Canon double glazed uPVC awning window is the difference in the seals, hinges and locking mechanismsuPVC double glazed awning windows are by far much more superior to its aluminium counterpart. Aluminium windows are based around brush seals, which do not provide a high level of air tightness, uPVC awning windows are based around EPDM dual sealed systems ensuring a total air tightness. Aluminium windows rely on the extrusion pocket to act as a hinge, whereas in uPVC we use specialist heavy duty friction hinges for the window operation due to the weight of the sash and glass. uPVC awning windows also boast of a 3-4 point locking system compared to a single point locking system in aluminium via use of a chain winder.

Awning windows are great for conserving space as they awn outwards and do not take up room inside the house. They also help providing optimum air flow and ventilation and the hardware is capable of adding restrictors to various opening angles to increase level of security. Double glazed awning windows are equipped with a minimum glazed unit size of 28mm and can be increased to a 40mm unit which can be a triple glazed panel.  

In terms of pricing, uPVC Awning windows are the most cost effective compared to the rest of the window systems as they are much easier to manufacture as well as very quick to install. Since the hardware is robust and glazing requires only balancing the glass, this type of window system requires little or no maintenance and warranty periods exceed 10 years 

Double glazed awning windows can also be fitted with a chain winding system, or a triple lock point cam locking system, therefore it has versatility to provide a system that is more suited to customer choice.  

Flyscreen systems are also very customisable with awning windows. We are able to provide retractable flyscreen option to double glazed awning windows, which means the only time the flyscreen is pulled down is when the window is open, this increases the longevity of the flyscreen as it is not exposed to the weather 24×7. It also gives a more elegant view of the windows and glass unlike a fixed flyscreen which is unsightly and blocks clear views through the window. Due to the versatility of awning windows fixed flyscreens are also possible. 

Therefore to summarize Canon Double glazed windows Perth manufacture and introduce an agenda in a short point form to highlight the unique advantages of its awning and casement window systems. 


      1) Awning windows boast a 3-4 point locking system 

      2) Frame and Sash EPDM seal to provide optimum air tightness 

      3) Ease of operation and Awning windows do not intrude space in the room 

      4) Can boast U Values as low as 1.2 with 40mm glazed unit in a triple glazing composition 

      5) Highly secure and can be restricted at any point to increase security/pool regulations 

      6) Most cost effective double glazed window system due to ease of manufacture and Install 

      7) High warranty periods due to simplicity and robustness of hardware systems 

      8) Can be made as a traditional chainwinding system or a handle operated 3 point Cam locking system 

      9) Flyscreens customisable, can use retractable screens or fixed screens 

    10) BAL rated screens possible with awning windows 

    11) System can easily be reversed to create a outward casement window for cross ventilation 

    12) All internally beaded systems for added security, with an insulated  5 chambered hollow frame and sash profile. 


Why opt for Canon Double glazed awning windows for your next project? 

Based on the highlighted points above, we believe our Awning windows are the best systems in Double Glazing PerthWith most of the customer base being migrants from the UK, these window systems are very well understood and appreciated. Get in contact and Talk to our team if you have any queries regarding the advantages of our awning or casement window system. Whether it is replacement windows or windows for a new build you will never go wrong with Canon Awning and Casement double glazed systems. 

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Double Glazing Versus Triple Glazing – Is It Worth It To Get That Extra Layer?

What is the difference between Double Glazing and Triple Glazing

We often get asked the question from clients whether they should go for double glazing or triple glazing. Firstly we must understand the differences between double glazing and triple glazing.

Our Double Glazing windows are more common and a standard stock type of energy-efficient windows. They consist of a Hermetically sealed IGU unit composed of 2 glasses separated by a spacer. The dead space between the 2 panes of glass in double glazing windows, is the main reason for the increase in efficiency by reducing heat and cold transmission through the dead space between the 2 panes of glass.

When we add a third layer of glass, it becomes triple glazed windows. Therefore the composition of triple glazed windows is glass-space-glass-space-glass. They contain 3 panes of glass separated by 2 spacers and therefore are much more efficient than double glazing windows. In practice, the overall IGU thickness in a triple glazed window is more than a double glazed unit. They are generally upward of 35mm whereas a double glazed unit is 28mm or smaller. Triple glazed windows Perth is not very common mainly due to the fact that double glazing itself has not become a standard. When the market firstly accepts the energy benefits of insulated double glazing, triple glazing would be the next step up.

Triple Glazing Windows cost is higher than its double glazing counterpart, however, it does have added energy efficiency benefits. U values of our double glazed windows are a maximum 2.3, and a base triple glazed window has a U value of 1.7. Double Glazing window cost is about $60 per sqm cheaper than the triple glazing window cost. To achieve the same U value as a triple glazing, you can add a Soft Coat Low E glass in a double glazing formation and achieve the same U value of 1.7, Double Glazing windows cost Perth with such a Low e DGU composition would cost less than a triple glazed window whilst achieving the same U Value. Because there are not many local manufacturers of Triple glazed DGU’s, the triple glazing window cost Perth is quite high.

In Conclusion For a market which is making high volumes of Passivhaus standard houses, Triple glazing would be a bare essential to achieve U values as low as 1.0 with Low e triple glazing, however, Double glazing windows Perth cost is something that should be accepted as a standard window prior to being talking about triple glazing. In Europe and America, triple glazing is now a standard, after double glazing ruled its reigns for 30 years. In Perth and Australia the reigns are ruled by single glazed windows, therefore firstly double glazing Perth needs to become a standard before we start to talk heavily about triple glazing. We as a company manufacture both double glazed and triple glazed windows, however as an example to the end consumer they first need to take a shift from a being in a bicycle to go onto a motorcycle and thereafter thinking of buying a car. However for those who have an immediate capability to buy a car and want the best, then yes Low e triple glazed windows are the best, however for the general mass a jump from a bicycle to a motorbike ( single glazing to double glazed), will help them see the immediate benefits of Insulated glazed units and what impact it has on energy efficiency, noise reduction and eliminating risk of cold patches

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White plastic window in the room

Convert Your Single glazed Windows and doors to Double Glazing

Single Glazing – Its Time To Replace Single Glazed Windows and Doors.

Single Glazed Aluminium windows are an affordable baseline standard specified item for homes in Australia for the past three to four decades. They are cost-efficient however they are horrible when they come to energy efficiency. They are rated at a U Value of 6.8 which is at least five times more energy-consuming and five times less insulative than uPVC double glazed window system which boasts U Values of 1.4 and below. Changing single glazed windows to double glazed will not only save you money in the long run but also provide more comfort and health benefits in the long term. We will go through some of the key points about replacing single glazed windows with double glazing in our blog below

Will replacement double glazing save me money?

To replace windows with double glazing is a no brainer, firstly because all single glazed windows requiring replacement have had their life cycle complete and have gone even more drafty with time. Replacing single glazing with double glazing save you money in the long run as the use of heating and cooling systems will be considerably less and with the electricity prices always on a exponential rise, payback period when you convert single glazed windows to double glazing is less than 6 years therefore it is affordable double glazing in the long run as double glazing pays itself off

Why Convert Your Single Glazed Windows and doors to Double Glazing?

There are several benefits to converting your existing single glazed to double glazing. These include:

• Better Insulation

• Improved U values

• Better sealed system

• Less or no Draft

• No hot and cold spots near windows

• Energy savings, less electricity bills

• Reducing your Carbon Footprint, lesser Greenhouse-gas Emissions

• Improved health of occupants

How to Replace Single Glazing with Double Glazing in a Door or Window.

There are a couple of ways that you can convert your windows and doors from single glazing to double glazing.

Double glazing replacement glass : If the existing frame has extrusions suitable to Convert single glazed windows by way of direct double glazing panel replacement, this would be the easiest and most cost friendly exercise, however it will not improve the conductivity of the existing metal frame and thus you are not getting value for money or the best U values available in Double glazed window systems. Also if you are looking at replacement double glazing panels to an existing window you have to question whether it is affordable double glazing in this method as the investment put in will only last you for set time as the existing window has already served its life cycle time, is designed with old extrusion technology and is already quite drafty.

Replacing Single glazing via removal of old window and replacing with a new Double Glazed window:- This is the most ideal and value for money method. The cost is not too much different from the above method, however, you are getting an entirely new window, which will last you another 20 years, is designed with latest design and sealing technology and gives you the best of the U Values in the current market. It is a no brainer to be putting your money in this.

How long does it take to replace double glazing?

Typically a 4x 2 house can be replaced with new double glazed windows and doors in a space of 4 to 5 working days. The entire house will have an uplift and windows can be designed to your specifications and requirements. This can also be done in stages if your budget does not allow entire house to be done at once. Typically our install team can complete 3-4 windows in a day and will have your house locked up before they leave. We only remove the windows that we can ensure are locked up before we leave for the day.

Cost to replace windows and doors with double glazing.

How much does it cost to replace windows?

Typically the cost to replace windows with double glazing is dependent on number of factors like window colour, window style and IGU composition. However to a layman the question remains, that is it affordable double glazing your home. A quick answer is yes, our base package for a 3x 2 house fully replaced with double glazed windows is $8000 to $9000 and for a 4x 2 house is between $13,000 to $16,000. This cost is easily repaid back especially for a house that is in need of replacing windows that are tired and worn out. For new builds it would make sense to upgrade to our double glazed window systems, as the difference in cost between the single glazed counterparts will be paid off in less than 6 years from the savings in energy bills.

Why Have Your Single Glazing Upgraded By Canon Double Glazing

The answer to this question is because our company if the only in Australia to manufacture uPVC window and door systems from Extrusion of profiles, manufacturing of the windows and IGU units upto the final installation of the window. We outsource nothing and have an enormous manufacturing capability and work on a turn over model. All these factors make us unique to everyone else in the industry and this it is more affordable double glazing with Canon than any other company

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uPVC Framed Double Glazed Windows and Doors in Perth Australia

Imported vs  Locally Manufactured Double Glazed windows and doors

Being in the industry for over 8 years, as Trusted uPVC windows and doors in Peth, Australia we have seen a constant growing market in Perth and for Australia in general for uPVC Double glazed windows and doors. Builders, Owner, renovators and developers always saw an opportunity in importing uPVC windows and doors  from countries like China as they were quite cheap upvc windows and they could offer better window systems than the current single glazed windows which are heavily used in the market.

Latest technology in uPVC windows and doors

We are the first in Australia to extrude UPVC profiles for Double Glazed doors & Windows. uPVC is the latest and most superior solution in window technology. Canon Double Glazing have chosen to work with a tropical blend of uPVC, which contains a high titanium oxide content specially produced for the Australian market. Incorporating the benefits of the uPVC windows Perth is used to. Our uPVC windows are backed by a 10 year Warranty on Non Colour Fading and we use Premium High grade Tropical UV Stabilized Compound which is also a Lead Free Formulation that’s why uPVC double glazing doors and windows are the ultimate choice for any property owner.

UPVC windows prices and cost

A lot of alfresco close outs with windows and doors which included upvc back doors, upvc sliding doors and upvc internal doors, uPVC front doors were being brought in totally duty free at bargain prices. We have analysed the difference in the upvc windows cost of an imported vs locally manufactured over the years and would say the cost difference is not more than 10-15% when buying whole house lots of windows and doors. However recent trends have totally changed due to higher manufacturing volumes locally which have considerably brought prices down for the better windows when manufactured locally.

There are many double glazing companies and uPVC window suppliers around, some which fabricate locally but are expensive due to importation of uPVC profiles , some which import ready windows which are cost effective but have very long leadtimes and ability to go wrong which doubles the leadtimes for errors or damage, and only One which locally extrudes and fabricates and makes the DGU units with leadtime of only 3 weeks from order and is the most cost effective

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On top of this, uPVC products are energy efficient and sustainable, helping you to noticeably reduce utility costs and your carbon footprint. Our uPVC double glazed windows come in a wide range of decorative, functional, styles to help you achieve the home aesthetics you are aiming for. Enquire today about our uPVC windows and doors in Perth Australia

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Double Glazing Review In Perth

Double Glazing Review in Perth by Canon Double Glazing

Reviews of a business are generally either price, quality and service related. Today we will talk about the price aspect with respect to a customer review. The current window market in Perth which still heavily focuses on single glazed windows, double glazing is thought to be a premium and expensive product, however, it must be noted that based on the pricing apples and apples should be compared. There is no such term as cheap double glazing, especially if you compare it to single glazed aluminum windows. It is always going to be more expensive than single glazed windows, however, coming to the next question when you start comparing the apple to an apple we can safely start using the term affordable double glazing in Perth. Yes, uPVC double glazing in Perth is much more energy efficient and affordable than aluminum double glazing.

Therefore any double glazed windows reviews by a customer for a company or product should not only be noted from the price perspective. It should be a system, quality, and service related review.

Why you should choose Canon Double Glazing.

Canon Double Glazing are Perth #1 choice for Double Glazing, UPVC windows, UPVC

doors, and sliding doors. We service the entire Perth WA area.

We are the first in Australia to extrude UPVC profiles for Double Glazed Doors & Windows

Based in Perth, we cater for the whole WA region and have carried out jobs from Gerald ton to Albany, as a supply only or fully installed service. No job is too small or too big for us. With being the only double Glazing company in Australia to fully manufacture our window and door systems right up from Extrusion of profiles to installation of the final window, we streamline and control processes better than the rest which is why our customers get the best value out of their windows and doors. Our Double Glazing Windows Prices And Quality Compel Our Customers To Upgrade To Double Glazed Windows.

The advantage of CANON UPVC

Locally manufactured uPVC profiles with Tropical Grade resin and high UV stabilization to provide a 10-year warranty for non colour fading on all our frames

  • Available in White, Golden oak, Anotec Dark Grey and Silver colour
  • 100% Australia made and Owned
  • 100% sustainable, in-house recycling facility available to ensure offcut frames and extrusions are recycled and put back into the process and not a landfill
  • In-house Automated Double Glazed Units manufacturing plant
  • In-house Automated window and door fabrication plant

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What is Double Glazing Glass? Advantages of Double Glazed Glass Replacement

What is Double Glazing Glass?

Double glazed Glass panels are 2 pieces of glass that are separated by a spacer and then hermetically sealed using a primary and a secondary sealant to make an IGU. Some of the common FAQ’s are answered below

Double glazed glass advantages over a single monolithic glass?

The advantages are quite clear, it outperforms a single monolithic glass in terms of energy efficiency where it is at least twice better, it also helps in a much better acoustic performance with Rw 42 values possible

What is the thickness is a double glazed unit?

This can vary anywhere from 14mm up to 50mm. however, the double glazed glass thickness to be manufactured depends on what thickness of the unit, a window or double glazed glass door can accommodate. Our systems accommodate for an 18mm unit and a 28mm unit.

Can you customize the type of glass to be used?

Yes, you surely can, the composition of the unit is customizable depending on the requirement. For example, a customer may want to use a 6.38mm laminated glass for acoustic purposes, or a 5mm toughened for BAL requirements. Therefore if you go double glazed it opens up your options to a variety of double glazed glass patterns, thicknesses and different Tints and Low e options.

Can you repair a double glazed glass unit?

Double glazed glass repair depends on the extent of the damage. for scratches on the outside, these can be buffed, for a broken glass unit, it is easiest and most economical to replace with a new unit from your double glazed glass supplier, for moisture retention this is covered by manufacturers warranty of 10 years.

Custom Replacement for Double Glazing Glass in Perth

Double glazing glass has become the standard in most homes these days, particularly for their beauty and energy efficient properties. But what if one of your window units starts fogging up or cracks from blunt force impact? The good news is that you don’t need to buy an entirely new window unit. Ordering a replacement for double glazing glass is an easy and cost-efficient way to repair your window.

Double Glazing Glass replacement Cost in Perth

A double glazed glass replacement cost is about $110 per sqm plus the cost of installation which is usually no more than a 5-minute job and can be done by yourself if you are a handyman. Ordering a custom size replacement for double glazing glass from Canon Double Glazing is simple; you can call us on +61 8 9249 9974 or Mail us on


Call us now at +61 8 9249 9974 or send an e-mail at and our seasoned consultants will guide you from evaluating your requirements, suggesting the most suitable replacement windows and/or doors to getting the replacements and installations done while leaving your property in a tidy condition

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