Elegance And Design

Premium look windows with a European elegance.

Noise Reduction

Both the UPVC frame and a double glazed glass unit will keep out upto 60% noise compared to a single glazed windows

Fire Resistant

Unlike Timber when the source of fire is removed, the UPVC material will stop burning itself. It is a self limiting product when it comes to fire hazards

Elegance And Design

Unlike timber windows,UPVC windows will not rot or have termite damage.Unlike Aluminium windows there is no corrosion.UPVC windows will stay the same after years of use.

High Security

Our UPVC windows and doors are all reinforced with galvanized steel and use of quality hardware and windows systems make our windows highly secure

Energy Efficency

UPVC has a lower U-Value than aluminium,therefore when combined with the energy saving properties of a double glazed glass it makes a UPVC double glazed windows by far the most superior energy performance window,It can save your electricity bills considerably as most of the energy coming into your house is from windows and doors.