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We are the first in Australia to extrude UPVC profiles for Double Glazed doors & Windows

The benefits of using uPVC Double glazed windows and doors are obvious as they last long, are very low on maintenance, termite proof , draft proof , are a very insulative framing material ,environmentally friendly and sustainable. U Values with our window systems are as low as 1.5 and you can get acoustic values of upto Rw42, which makes our products the future generation of windows for Australia

You can get our uPVC windows doors in all styles from the renowned Tilt and turn windows. Awning windows, Casement windows, Sliding windows, Sliding doors, Stacker doors and French doors, all custom made to size and design. We cater our for Builders, Owner builders , Developers, Renovators and Resellers as part of our company Portfolio

Our Double Glazing Solutions in Perth Australia

Based in Perth, we cater for the whole WA region and have carried out jobs from Geraldton to Albany, as a supply only or fully installed service. No job is too small or too big for us. With being the only company in Australia to Fully manufacture our window and door systems right up from Extrusion of profiles to installation of the final window, we streamline and control processes better than the rest which is why our customers get the best value out of their windows and doors. OUR PRICES AND QUALITY COMPEL OUR CUSTOMERS TO UPGRADE TO DOUBLE GLAZED WINDOWS.
Our Double Glazing Solutions in Perth Australia

Advantage of CANON UPVC

Available in White, Golden oak, Anotec Dark Grey and Silver colour
Provide a 10 year warranty for non colour fading on all our frames
In house Automated Double Glazed Units manufacturing plant
100% Australia made and Owned
100% sustainable, inhouse recycling facility available to ensure offcut frames
In house Automated window and door fabrication plant
Locally manufactured uPVC profiles with Tropical Grade resin and high UV stabilization
Extrusions are recycled and put back into the process and not a landfill

100% Australian Double Glazed Windows


We are customer-oriented company and totally focused on giving 100 % satisfaction to our customers. We are one of the biggest manufacturers of UPVC doors and windows in Perth as we manufacture and design the UPVC doors and windows inhouse.

The Benefits Of Double Glazing Perth

Energy Efficient

The world is lapping up a greener, more environmentally friendly approach. In your home, making use of double glazed products can be incredibly energy efficient. This is because they are excellent insulators. In any building, a lot of energy is lost through the glass of windows and doors. Double glazing prevents this, as the space between the two panes of glass acts as an insulating layer. Sunlight isn’t hampered whatsoever - so your rooms will stay bright and sunny. Temperatures outside the home that you want to avoid will no longer intrude on your day. Your comfort can improve dramatically! If your cooling or heating system is working more than necessary to keep the temperature consistent, an investment in double glazed windows is definitely worth your while. You can also save on bills, as you will need less energy to keep the temperature consistent.

Noise Reduction

Having the home space as a peaceful environment is crucial. Trying to relax in a noisy place is hard! If you have noisy neighbours or live close to a busy street or highway, you might already know this. Luckily for you - there is a simple solution! Getting your doors and windows double glazed can help you de-stress after a long day by allowing you to come home to some quiet. The gap between the sheets of glass has proven sound-reducing abilities, which can translate into a more relaxed environment and better sleep.

Low Maintenance

The materials used for double glazing are top-tier - meaning that they will retain their gloss. They are also durable, and will not chip easily. Maintenance is the least of your worries if you’re interested in installing some double glazed products! This also makes the cost even more reasonable, as you won’t need to touch up your windows for many years.

Our Best Double Glazing Product in Perth

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World Class uCLAD Linings

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Double Glazed Glass Products

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UPVC Double Glazed Windows and Doors

UPVC Double Glazed Windows and Doors

Canon UPVC double glazed windows and doors have surpassed the current market which offered no choice in variety in colours.
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- Double Glazing Perth

Double glazing has several benefits that can be total game-changers. You might think that your house in Perth has a cooling or heating system that seems to work slowly. Double glazed windows and doors can help improve insulation dramatically.

Besides this, double glazed windows, doors, or other products reduce unwanted noise and are energy-saving, durable, weather-resistant, and more! Let’s take a look at what double glazed glass is, its benefits and how much it costs.

- What Is Double Glazing?

Glass glazing refers to the number of panes that lie within the window frame. So, double glazing entails two sheets of glass being slotted into a frame. Between the two sheets, there is a sealed pocket of air. This space essentially serves as a vacuum. In some cases, the air pocket can also be filled by a special type of argon gas. This reduces the ability of heat and sound to be transferred across the space.

In Perth, double glazing can also be called insulated glazing, or double pane windows. Be it residential property, or a commercial one, this method is suitable for the installations for windows and doors, shopfronts, and so on.

- Double Glazed Windows, Doors And More

Doors and windows with double glazing can provide a horde of benefits for the household. We will discuss these benefits in the next section. But first, let’s get into what materials are used in this method as well as the different styles of windows and doors.

- uPVC Windows

Most double glazing services make use of uPVC. This is because it helps to make the double glazed windows and doors more environmentally sustainable. uPVC double glazed windows also offer excellent heat and noise insulation.

This material is naturally resistant to moisture, which means that you don’t need to worry about rot or flaking. By making use of uPVC double glazed windows, you can be sure of high quality for 10 years at least.

This is a great alternative to aluminium as it is more affordable yet very durable.

- Installation & Styles

When it comes to installation styles, there are some options for uPVC double glazed windows. Tilt and turn, sliding, casement and awning all look beautiful. These styles can change the tone of a room completely! You might also want to opt for a fly-screen in the installation process so that your house stays bug-free if you want to open the windows.

In terms of doors, you could opt for uPVC double glazed entrance, french or sliding doors. Double glazed products ad windows are suitable for all types of buildings – no matter the style. Whether you’re retrofitting an old building or going for a sleek, modern look, uPVC double glazed windows can be an excellent fit.

- How Much Double Glazing Costs In Perth?

The cost of double glazing products is affordable and reasonable considering the top quality materials used. As these materials are of high quality – the maintenance is very low. This is a much better option than opting for a suspiciously-low-priced installation, that you’ll need to touch up or reinstall after only a year.

- Contact Us For Top-Tier Double Glazing In Perth

When it comes to double glazing windows, we’ve got you covered. We will provide a customer-oriented team, high-quality material and speedy installation of uPVC windows in Perth that will last you for years.

Contact us for more information on double glazing in Perth. We’ll work to ensure that you are happy with your double glazed products and that they will last well past the 10-year mark.

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