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We are the first in Australia to extrude UPVC profiles for Double Glazed doors & Windows

The benefits of using uPVC Double glazed windows and doors are obvious as they last long, are very low on maintenance, termite proof , draft proof , are a very insulative framing material ,environmentally friendly and sustainable. U Values with our window systems are as low as 1.5 and you can get acoustic values of upto Rw42, which makes our products the future generation of windows for Australia

You can get our double glazing Perth systems in all styles from the renowned Tilt and turn windows, Awning windows, Casement windows, Sliding windows, Sliding doors, Stacker doors and French doors, all custom made to size and design. We cater our for Builders, Owner builders , Developers, Renovators and Resellers as part of our company Portfolio

Add Value to your home with Perth’s Best Double Glazed Windows and Door Systems


Our company vision of Double Glazing Perth is an added reality each day into our manufacturing line since our inception in 2010. The ever increasing market for double glazing perth is mainly attributed to the harsh climate change which is making our winter more chillier and summers more scorching, and the every increasing energy prices makes the need for making our homes more insulative. Our Government is doing its part in introducing more stringent energy efficiency requirements for homes which is slowly putting Australian homes on par with the rest of the developed countries where they have now moved on to triple glazing as a standard.

Perth's Best Double Glazed Windows

Our Double glazed windows in Perth can be used both for new builds as well as for double glazing for existing windows in Perth , Whilst Double glazed windows Perth for New builds will reduce the carbon footprint for the lifespan of the home which is over 40 years and help its occupants enjoy its insulative benefits for a long period of time, we also believe that double glazing for existing windows in Perth is equally important when done in time as it will reduce the stock of very poorly insulated houses built pre 2000’s . Opting to replace with Double glazed windows Perth for the inner and metro suburbs also makes sense because it would add value to the property whilst also making its occupants lead a more comfortable and healthy life.


Our Double Glazing Solutions in Perth Australia

Advantage of CANON UPVC Windows and Doors

Available in White, Golden oak, Anotec Dark Grey and Silver colour
Provide a 10 year warranty for non colour fading on all our frames
In house Automated Double Glazed Units manufacturing plant
100% Australia made and Owned
100% sustainable, inhouse recycling facility available to ensure offcut frames
In house Automated window and door fabrication plant
Locally manufactured uPVC profiles with Tropical Grade resin and high UV stabilization
Extrusions are recycled and put back into the process and not a landfill

100% Australian Double Glazed Windows


We are a customer-oriented company and totally focused on giving 100% satisfaction to our customers. We are one of the biggest manufacturers of Double glazed windows in Perth, with a huge inhouse production capacity all 100% Australian made.

UPVC Double Glazed Windows for your security and cosiness in Perth.

We manufacture a full range of uPVC Double Glazed Windows, custom manufactured to your requirement. Upvc double glazing in Perth will outcompete all other framing materials like aluminium or timber because they are incredibly reliable, with excellent safety, security, noise insulation, energy saving and moisture resistance features. Depending on your requirement, we can offer you custom made upvc windows in Perth and double glazed doors with enhanced features for any of your needs, or a one-stop solution that will cover all your basic needs. Just ask us! We are the one stop specialists for UPVC windows Perth
UPVC Windows Perth

The Benefits Of Double Glazing Perth

Energy Efficient

The world is lapping up a greener, more environmentally friendly approach. In your home, making use of double glazed products can be incredibly energy efficient. This is because they are excellent insulators. In any building, a lot of energy is lost through the glass of windows and doors. Double glazing Perth prevents this, as the space between the two panes of glass acts as an insulating layer. Sunlight isn’t hampered whatsoever - so your rooms will stay bright and sunny. Temperatures outside the home that you want to avoid will no longer intrude on your day. We as a Perth double glazing company are here to maximize the comfort of our clients. If your cooling or heating system is working more than necessary to keep the temperature consistent, an investment in our double glazed windows is definitely worth your while. You can also save on bills, as you will need less energy to keep the temperature consistent by using upvc windows Perth

Noise Reduction

Having the home space as a peaceful environment is crucial. Trying to relax in a noisy place is hard! If you have noisy neighbours or live close to a busy street or highway, you might already know this. Luckily for you - there is a simple solution! Getting your doors and windows double glazed can help you de-stress after a long day by allowing you to come home to some quiet. The gap between the sheets of glass has proven sound-reducing abilities, we as a double glazing Wangara company have helped many homes around Perth Airport achieve noise reduction levels of Rw42.

Low Maintenance

The materials used for double glazing are top-tier - meaning that they will retain their gloss. They are also durable, and will not chip easily. Maintenance is the least of your worries if you’re interested in installing some double glazed products! This also makes the cost even more reasonable, as you won’t need to touch up your windows for many years.

Our Best Double Glazing Product in Perth

World Class uCLAD Linings

World Class uCLAD Linings

Our uCLAD Linings and cornices have created wave in the ceiling market of Australia. We provide quality and durable UPVC products in a variety of sizes, colours and textures.
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Double Glazed Glass Products

We specialise in high quality double glazed glass products. We use an automatic IGU (insulating glass unit) production line, commonly known as double glazing plant, to cater to all your
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UPVC Double Glazed Windows and Doors

UPVC Double Glazed Windows and Doors

Canon UPVC double glazed windows and doors have surpassed the current market which offered no choice in variety in colours.
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Is It Possible To Double Glaze Existing Windows In Perth?

The answer is yes, it is possible to double-glaze existing windows in Perth. Double glazing works best with UPVC or aluminium windows, but timber frames can also be retrofitted with double glazed glass. Double glazing in Wangara provides excellent insulation during the cold winter months while reducing energy costs over time.

You can hire a professional double glazed window installer company in Perth to help you convert your existing windows into premium quality double glazed windows. Canon can also help you change your old frames and replace them with UPVC double glazed windows or doors in Perth.

Is Double Glazing Worth It In Perth?

When you upgrade your home’s windows, you should consider a few things. First, the costs of replacement windows are at the top of the list. Double glazing is an excellent investment for Perth residents as it is proven to reduce energy costs by up to 20%. Double glazed windows prevent heat loss and protect you from harmful UV rays. Additionally, double-glazed windows are more resistant to harsh weather conditions and provide insulation against noise and cold winds.

So to answer the question – Yes, double glazing is definitely worth it in Perth. You should consult an expert before making decisions concerning double glazing for your home, as every situation is different. We have a team of experts ready to answer all your questions. Kindly contact us to answer all your questions about double glazing in Perth.

What Should You Look For When Choosing A Double Glazed Window In Perth?

It is important to keep a few things in mind when you are purchasing new double glazed windows. The first step is to choose a certified product. A certification ensures that the window has been tested and meets high environmental standards. Secondly, choose a product with low E content. This means that the window will reduce energy consumption by up to 36%. Finally, look at the window’s thermal efficiency and determine if it’s a good product that meets your needs.

You should also take aesthetics and performance into consideration when selecting your new window. Use high-quality materials, such as wood, UPVC or vinyl, to ensure the frames are durable and resistant to rot. It is essential to talk to your installer about the types of windows that would work best for your budget and needs.

There are various other factors that can be very confusing. So speak to a professional double glazing company in Perth like Canon to determine the best solution for you.

How Much Double Glazing Costs in Perth?

Double glazing can be an expensive affair if you choose the wrong window installation company and contractors. On average, double glazed windows and doors in Perth start at the base price of $300 per sqm and go up to $500 per sqm depending on various factors like the material and colour of the frame, the type of glass and the design of your windows. You can learn more about it in our blog about double glazing cost in Perth.

Please note that not every project is the same. That’s why we prefer to offer a free quotation based on your individual requirements. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to get the best prices for double glazed windows in Perth.

Do uPVC Windows Change Colour Over Time?

Yes, the natural ageing process of uPVC windows can cause their colour to change over time. Most often, this happens in places that are exposed to direct sunlight, such as the tops and bottoms of windows. The colour will tend to fade towards the lightest colours and turn darker towards the darkest colours. However, at Canon, we offer a ten-year warranty on all our frames to ensure the colour doesn’t fade.

We can prevent ageing by using high-quality materials and designs that stand the test of time. If you’re bored with the colours of your windows, you can also paint them or wrap them to change up the look of your uPVC windows in Perth.

What Colours Are Available At Canon Double Glazed Windows And Doors?

At Canon, we offer our uPVC double glazed windows and doors in Perth in various colours ranging from plain white, Golden oak and cream to darker colours like black and Anotec Dark Grey. We also offer wood finishes and colours like silver and green to match the aesthetic of your house.

If you are looking for a custom colour, our team can help you get it by customising them for you. Please speak to our team about your requirements today and get a free quote.

Why uPVC Double Glazed Windows And Doors Are Simply A Better Choice?

uPVC windows and doors are manufactured using state of the art manufacturing processes that ensure consistent quality standards from window to window. uPVC double glazed windows and doors are also weather resistant. This means that they can withstand harsh weather conditions, such as rain, snow, and strong winds. Furthermore, they are heat-resistant, making them ideal for climates with a wide range of temperatures.

The aesthetic appeal of uPVC double-glazed windows and doors is another advantage. There are many styles and colours to choose from, so you can find one that suits your home’s decor perfectly. Designed with high-quality materials that resist corrosion and weathering, these products are durable for any environment.

Last but not least, they are affordable compared to other types of window and door replacements. So all these factors make uPVC double glazed doors and windows the best choice for any Perth resident.

Where Is Canon Double Glazing Located In Perth?

Our flagship outlet is at 1 Volcanic Loop, Wangara, WA 6065, Australia. We invite you to visit our facility and speak to our knowledgeable staff to get any kind of assistance and to see the range of double glazed products we offer.

What Makes Us The First Choice For Double Glazing In Perth

At Canon, our commitment to our customers makes us the first choice to buy double glazed windows and doors in Perth. Our company is wholly Australian owned and operated, with our products being 100% Australian made.

We offer a ten-year warranty on our frames which are available in various colours. All our products use tropical Grade resin that’s highly UV stable to withstand harsh weather conditions. Our facility is completely automated, which means lower chances of errors and defects.

We’re dedicated to saving the environment, so we have an in-house recycling facility that ensures offcut frames and insatiable extrusions are recycled and reused instead of being put into a landfill.

All these factors and many others like these make us the first choice for any Australian in Perth to buy double glazed windows and doors in Wangara, Perth.

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