1. What is Double Glazed window?

A window system can be either single paned glass or a hermetically sealed double paned glass separated by a spacer assembly. This double paned glass helps for numerous purposes like drastically improving energy efficiency of the window and door system, better acoustic ad sound reduction qualities and eliminating condensation between the outside and inside surfaces of the glass.

2. Why is Double glazing better with a uPVC frame?

uPVC is the most insulative window material available on the market, unlike aluminium it will not conduct the heat and cold. In addition Canon uPVC profiles and 5 chambered profiles and help achieve amazing u Values, twice better than double glazed aluminium windows. uPVC on the other hand is also a very long lasting material and is completely maintenance free. If you are investing in an energy efficient system it would make sense to choose the most efficient one.

3. How are our uPVC profiles manufactured and are they UV resistant?

We import a tropical grade German compound which is tested to a 10 year guarantee for non colour fading in high UV regions. The compound is specially blended with higher concentrations of Tio2. Technology and research on uPVC has advanced over the past decades and overcome the common misconceptions that uPVC will yellow over time.

4. Why does the Australian Market lag behind in Energy efficient windows?

In Europe uPVC double glazed windows hold a 55% market share where in Australia this figure is less than 1 %. A general perception is double glazing is not required for warm countries, however this is quite untrue because putting in an energy efficient window system will work equally in the opposite manner in both summer and winter. As everyone understand yes it does keep the heat in during the winter, however during the summer it is equally capable of keeping the heat out

5. Can uPVC windows be incorporated to all construction walling methods?

Over the course of our business we have installed windows to Double brick, Brick Veneer, Reverse Brick Veneer, ICF , Concrete panels, Timber frames, Steel framed, SIPS Panels to name a few. We are able to fit our versatile window and door systems to any walling system

6. What about new builds?

We have come up with our innovative brick in subframes, which can be bricked in like normal aluminium windows so there is no one who can complain neither the builder nor the brickie. We changed our way of working to suit the market style

7. Are uPVC windows good for a renovation?

For a renovation project uPVC windows are the ideal window to choose as they can be replaced very easily without causing any damage upon removal of the old windows. The entire window can be fully sealed and trimmed to give you an entire fresh look on your windows and doors. Most of all no window in the market will be able to come even close to the energy efficiency a double glazed uPVC window would give.

8. Are uPVC Windows only available in white?

Once again this is a common misconception. We are able to provide our windows in 4 different colours like Anotec dark grey, Golden oak, Metbrush Silver and White. We are the only company to possess a profile laminating line and if the project you want done is of substantial size and you want a special colour, there would be over 200 you could choose from

9. Are uPVC window comparable in strength to Aluminium windows?

Our windows have been tested to AS2047 and are rated upto N4. Normal Perth metro area does not require any more than N1 rating. Further tests can easily obtain results for C4 regions which makes uPVC in comparable strength to aluminium. Main reason for this is all our uPVC windows are fully Reinforced with Steel for added strength

10 .What is the BAL rating for uPVC windows?

uPVC windows comply to be used upto BAL 29, they have a self-extinguishing property and will stop burning as soon as the flame source is removed. The incorporation of Steel reinforcing allows the windows to be used to very high BAL requirements

11. Are uPVC windows and doors secure?

The one clear winner in hardware systems is held by UPVC as all windows and doors are incorporated with multiple locking systems which make them extremely secure. Some systems boast upto 10 locking points, but even the standard ones have at least 3 locking points. On top having a double pane glass which can be customised to include toughening and laminated glass options makes ours windows and doors highly secure.

12. The world is going Plastic free, so what about its environmental impact?

We are the only factory in Australia who locally manufacture our extrusions inhouse. We have an inhouse recycling facility and we are able to put the waste back into the extrusion process. Manufacturing uPVC profiles uses 3x Less energy than aluminium profiles therefore overall environmental impact is much better than aluminium especially with us as we Recycle our own waste and treat our material as a precious commodity and not worth dumping in the landfill!!

13. So the Big Question how much will Canon uPVC windows and door Cost?

It is a much contested debate, however when you choose t use our windows you will be treated with a pleasant surprise. Yes our windows will not cost you much more than any other window system and when you combine the added benefits the windows will give over its lifetime it will be a no brainer to choose Canon uPVC windows and doors for you next project