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Convert Your Single glazed Windows and doors to Double Glazing

Single Glazing – Its Time To Replace Single Glazed Windows and Doors.

Single Glazed Aluminium windows are an affordable baseline standard specified item for homes in Australia for the past three to four decades. They are cost-efficient however they are horrible when they come to energy efficiency. They are rated at a U Value of 6.8 which is at least five times more energy-consuming and five times less insulative than uPVC double glazed window system which boasts U Values of 1.4 and below. Changing single glazed windows to double glazed will not only save you money in the long run but also provide more comfort and health benefits in the long term. We will go through some of the key points about replacing single glazed windows with double glazing in our blog below

Will replacement double glazing save me money?

To replace windows with double glazing is a no brainer, firstly because all single glazed windows requiring replacement have had their life cycle complete and have gone even more drafty with time. Replacing single glazing with double glazing save you money in the long run as the use of heating and cooling systems will be considerably less and with the electricity prices always on a exponential rise, payback period when you convert single glazed windows to double glazing is less than 6 years therefore it is affordable double glazing in the long run as double glazing pays itself off

Why Convert Your Single Glazed Windows and doors to Double Glazing?

There are several benefits to converting your existing single glazed to double glazing. These include:

• Better Insulation

• Improved U values

• Better sealed system

• Less or no Draft

• No hot and cold spots near windows

• Energy savings, less electricity bills

• Reducing your Carbon Footprint, lesser Greenhouse-gas Emissions

• Improved health of occupants

How to Replace Single Glazing with Double Glazing in a Door or Window.

There are a couple of ways that you can convert your windows and doors from single glazing to double glazing.

Double glazing replacement glass : If the existing frame has extrusions suitable to Convert single glazed windows by way of direct double glazing panel replacement, this would be the easiest and most cost friendly exercise, however it will not improve the conductivity of the existing metal frame and thus you are not getting value for money or the best U values available in Double glazed window systems. Also if you are looking at replacement double glazing panels to an existing window you have to question whether it is affordable double glazing in this method as the investment put in will only last you for set time as the existing window has already served its life cycle time, is designed with old extrusion technology and is already quite drafty.

Replacing Single glazing via removal of old window and replacing with a new Double Glazed window:- This is the most ideal and value for money method. The cost is not too much different from the above method, however, you are getting an entirely new window, which will last you another 20 years, is designed with latest design and sealing technology and gives you the best of the U Values in the current market. It is a no brainer to be putting your money in this.

How long does it take to replace double glazing?

Typically a 4x 2 house can be replaced with new double glazed windows and doors in a space of 4 to 5 working days. The entire house will have an uplift and windows can be designed to your specifications and requirements. This can also be done in stages if your budget does not allow entire house to be done at once. Typically our install team can complete 3-4 windows in a day and will have your house locked up before they leave. We only remove the windows that we can ensure are locked up before we leave for the day.

Cost to replace windows and doors with double glazing.

How much does it cost to replace windows?

Typically the cost to replace windows with double glazing is dependent on number of factors like window colour, window style and IGU composition. However to a layman the question remains, that is it affordable double glazing your home. A quick answer is yes, our base package for a 3x 2 house fully replaced with double glazed windows is $8000 to $9000 and for a 4x 2 house is between $13,000 to $16,000. This cost is easily repaid back especially for a house that is in need of replacing windows that are tired and worn out. For new builds it would make sense to upgrade to our double glazed window systems, as the difference in cost between the single glazed counterparts will be paid off in less than 6 years from the savings in energy bills.

Why Have Your Single Glazing Upgraded By Canon Double Glazing

The answer to this question is because our company if the only in Australia to manufacture uPVC window and door systems from Extrusion of profiles, manufacturing of the windows and IGU units upto the final installation of the window. We outsource nothing and have an enormous manufacturing capability and work on a turn over model. All these factors make us unique to everyone else in the industry and this it is more affordable double glazing with Canon than any other company

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