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Double Glazed Doors Perth – Custom Made and Affordable

We are the one stop shop to Double Glazed Doors Perth ,Whilst we manufacture both Double Glazed windows and Doors, we will quickly brief a few points in regards to Double glazed doors cost.
Double glazed doors price is dependent on number of factors which include design, type of door , the glazing used and lastly the size. We are one of the very few Double glazing companies in Australia to manufacture different Double glazed doors system like French doors, French doors with Colonial bars, Sliding doors, Biparting doors, Stacker doors and Bifold doors.
We at Canon Double Glazing, are a specialist and bespoke manufacturers of Double glazed Doors Perth, and can turn around your custom requirements in 3 weeks as we have a full inhouse capability to manufacture Double glazed doors to any shape, style and design. We offer a price beat promise and not many Double Glazing companies will be able beat our Double Glazed doors price.

Double Glazed French Doors

Double Glazing French Doors are one of the styles that we manufacture. They are highly energy efficient as they are based around a 2 seal technology and come equipped with a 28mm glazed unit.
French doors are the best types of double glazed doors when it comes to the security aspect, they boast of a 5 point locking system by ROTO FRANK which makes it impossible to get through for burglars. When it comes to Double glazing in French doors, all the glass is a standard AS1266 approved Safety glass as either laminated or toughened.
You also have the option to customize the glass to a Low-E as an upgraded and more energy efficient option to your double glazed doors. Our French doors Perth can also have Colonial bars custom built within the double glazing assembly
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Double Glazed Doors

Double Glazed Sliding Doors

Double Glazed Sliding Doors can be manufactured indifferent design styles. Out of the all types of double glazed doors, Inline Double glazed Sliding doors are the neatest and most sleek design which do not take up any living space, they can be customized to be manufactured to extensive openings upto 6metres wide, or bigger openable spaces can be created by use of a Stacking Door option.
The Glass in the Double glazing assembly is customization to achieve better U values, reduce SHGC or increase noise attenuation to the clients requirement.
Sliding Double glazed doors come with Ciilock rollers Technology capable of carrying panel weights of upto 300kgs, an aluminium heavy duty track and Multiple 4 point Hook locking mechanism by ROTO FRANK makes these types of double glazed doors a first choice when a large opening, space limiting and practical and architecturally pleasing options are needed

Double Glazed Bifold Doors

Double glazed Bifold Doors are very different to other types of Double glazed doors we have, as their design is totally based on the width of the opening.
They are designed to create a 100% openable width bringing outdoors to indoor and vice versa. Bifold Doors Perth come in 3 different variant styles, Top hung, bottom hung or Invisifold System.
Whilst we manufactured all the 3 double glazed bifolddoors styles, our recommendation would be the Invisifold Bifold system, as it is a minimal fuss Inline slide and Fold patented system, requiring very little Maintenance and unlike other Double glazed doors it does not have any visible hardware, making the doors very aesthetically pleasing whilst being extremely energy efficient and secure
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